Our Actions

Our network was built around a common desire to participate as widely as possible to the dissemination of artists in France and Europe. It is around this idea that AJC has set up its actions, either they are internal (such as exchanges of co-creation within the network), on a national level such as Jazz Migration or with a European and international scope. The importance we give to this question of artists mobility meets a critical need of French artists to disseminate more widely, to open their playground and discover other regions and promoters. We have over the years built up a network of European professionals (festivals, clubs, federations, etc.) with which we have developed various tools meant to answer these issues, which are also shared by many European musicians.

Jazz Migration

Jazz Migration is an ambitious and groudbreaking programme that works since 2002 towards the promotion and the development of young musicians from the french jazz scenes. This unique programme brought to light 191 musicians, 54 bands, and produced 750 gigs in France and Europe.


Invitation of international promoters

Created in 1994 and the first project which symbolised Afijma's international action, the program of inviting foreign professionals (programmers and journalists) represents a crucial action in terms of encouraging the dissemination of French musicians around foreign festivals and of bringing about a renewal of our own European programming in return.


Una Striscia di Terra Feconda

This Franco-Italian festival, Una Striscia di Terra Feconda, born in 1998 was born out of the historically productive musical relationships between French and Italian jazz musicians, but is also the fruit of a long-term rapport established between Paolo Damiani, musician and director of the ONJ 2000-2003, and Armand Meignan, director of the festival Europajazz in Le Mans.


The Bridge

The Bridge was built upon a simple observation and premise: while it’s nowadays accepted that jazz and improvised music, in France and in Europe, have found their independence and originality, some North-American scenes, especially in Chicago, are still developing to the beat(s) of their own drum(s).


French Nordic Jazz Transit

The French Nordic Jazz Transit exchange program was initiated in 2002 by the AFIJMA and its Nordic partners; its purpose was to consolidate the existing networks, develop new partnerships between the two European centers and strengthen French programming in Scandinavia and vice versa.


Jazzdor Strasbourg – Berlin

Based on the extraordinary vivacity of French and German jazz scene, and the impact that could have on it, some cross-border cooperation in the field of jazz and improvised music, the festival Jazzdor Strasbourg has done an important work with the artistic scene across the Rhine.


Pro Helvetia

Pro Helvetia supports artistic creation in Switzerland, contributes to cultural exchange within the country, supports the dissemination of Swiss culture abroad and is committed to cultural mediation, through its network of cultural centers and liaison offices abroad, as part of own programs.


Studies and publications