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Funded in 1993, AJC is opened to all organisations involved in producing and disseminating jazz (festivals, national and state-sponsored venues, theatres, cultural centres and clubs) which share its objectives and values.

AJC has so far brought together 73 French and European organisations and is now becoming the most important jazz promoters network in France with the potential annual involvement of nearly 700 000 spectators.

AJC is focusing on the issue of aesthetics at the heart of its collective project, because jazz, while sharing many values with art, contemporary or modern music, has a specific history, sociology and economy.

AJC is committed to improve the mobility of artists, the emergence of new talents (Jazz Migration) and the creation of original projects, is getting more heavily involved in finding new audiences all over the country and is boosting its involvement in the field of cooperation and international exchanges (welcoming of foreign professionals, our various binational projects – Una Striscia di Terra Feconda, French Nordic Jazz Transit, Jazzdor Berlin, etc).

From now on, AJC is committed to the promotion and defence of jazz in all its diversity, in a spirit of solidarity amongst its members and in collaboration with all its professional partners.

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